"Real estate is a unique kind of investment that requires careful planning and creative financing strategies."

Orange Capital® is our dedicated real estate investments business unit.
Orange Investments® has developed repeatable and sustainable processes that increase the fund’s holdings value over time. We combine investment-banking skills with real estate development platforms.

Weather you’ve been with us since project inception or came knocking on our door when this specific need emerged, we’ll analyze every aspect of your endeavor and, according to its criteria and the economy’s current conditions, we’ll determine the optimal financial strategy and carry it out to completion:

We will attract institutional investors.

Look out for strategic partners.

Perform roadshows and coordinate Friends & Family events.

Close the best debt and mezzanine project terms.

The best part is that our procedures guarantee satisfaction for every party involved: the invested funds increase in value over time, you get to turn your dream into a reality and we do what we love most.

The Orange Capital® unit has developed diverse strategies and solutions across the risk and return spectrum, including value-added real estate investments and acute operations with a sound diversification strategy.