"We Plan, Coordinate & Execute only the best Real Estate projects."

Our multidisciplinary team has the knowledge and ability to enhance every phase of the real estate development cycle. Orange Investments® is committed to every client’s specific investment parameters and executes the most outstanding projects, in every stage of the process. This is what sets us apart from the rest.

Orange Development® is our strategic unit that takes you by the hand throughout the whole real estate development cycle; the reason we joined the real estate industry in the first place. To do so, we go through our unique meticulous technique that covers every stage: from planning to design, to managing and delivering the final product to end users.

This is the unit where engineers, architects and consultants come together to create something great, and we believe it is the combination of their knowledge and experience, along with our own detailed attention to our customers’ needs and wants, that has given our projects such strength, transcendence and high investment returns.

We serve as your personal council, checking up on you regularly and taking genuine care about the decisions we make together. We provide all the information you need with transparency, accuracy and honesty, through tools that intend to make you feel in complete control of the project.

Throughout our years we have successfully completed real estate projects in several markets and intend to continue doing so in as many places as we can.


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